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At Arch Logistics Consulting LLC, our blog is the best way to stay up to date on the latest news, tips, and advice related to transportation, warehousing, and logistics. Our blog is updated weekly, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new!

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Our blog is the best place to stay up to date on the latest news and information related to transportation, warehousing, and logistics. We post new articles each week, so be sure to keep checking back to see what’s new!

Examples of Questions – Where We Can Help

Can Arch Logistics Consulting help your company?

  • Does my current fleet solution operate efficiently?
  • What are the biggest obstacles holding us back from achieving our goals?
  • My logistics personnel are new and somewhat inexperienced. How could I increase their knowledge and help them be more efficient and impactful?
  • We are having some turnover problems lately, I’d like to KNOW why.  Not GUESS why.
  • We currently are running our own fleet, but are entertaining outsourcing it or keeping it in-house.  How can we get a true “apples to apples” comparison?
  • Are my zoning/ deliveries days providing the best solution for balancing the optimization of our fleet’s performance, and service to our customers?
  • Overall, where do we have opportunities for cost savings?
  • Do we have too many resources for what we are trying to achieve?
  • I’d like a complete overhaul look at our logistics solution – what opportunities do we have?
  • I’d like to get some bids on our transportation/ logistics operation but we want some help with the RFP bid process (Request for Proposal).
  • How can I effectively compare our current carrier’s performance?
  • I wish we had a dashboard (real time, periodic update, etc) for our transportation/logistics KPI’s
  • How can I best get the thoughts/ opinions of our customers?  Of our employees?  Of our carriers?
  • I have a small fleet of trucks and would like to implement a fuel program.  How can I do that?  What is the best platform?
  • We want to implement a driver/ contractor/ carrier incentive program, but would like some help.
  • We are finalizing some verbiage with carriers/ shippers and would like some advice on what to include/ exclude.  What pitfalls should we look out for?
  • We need to get some account audits/ location audits completed but we don’t have the staff to get it done, or in an unbiased method.
  • The company culture/ employee attitudes has turned negative recently – I’d like to know why.
  • We have grown very fast and people have been promoted from within but our current leaders weren’t really ready for this business growth, I’d like some leadership guidance/ mentorship to help them grow rapidly in their new role.
  • We are having a quarterly/ annual meeting, and would like a specific topic presented as a workshop.
  • One of our locations is operating poorly, and we’d like some help turning it around.
  • We don’t have a full time design/ engineering staff but we would like some assistance with putting together bid request (operational totals, parameters, etc)